MiniDebConf Online #2 Gaming edition is brought to you by:

Jonathan Carter, Nattie Mayer-Hutchings, Paul Waring, Stefano Rivera, Kyle Robbertze and Phil Morell. Also the DebConf video team and a bunch of volunteers that helped out during the conference, thanks!

Thank you to Antonio Terceiro for taking care of the website infrastructure.


Thank you to all our wonderful speakers:

Antoine Le Gonidec, Matthias Gatto, Mopi, Stephan Lachnit, Reiner Herrmann, Emmanouil Papadeas, Jonathan Carter, Phil Morrell, alfredbaudisch, Stanislas Dolcini, Tim Jakob Bornecrantz, Dennis Payne, Jaka Kranjc, Bas Wijnen, Nattie Mayer-Hutchings, Michalis Kamburelis, Philippe Coval, Florian Märkl, Nick Black, Forest Anderson and Francesco Corrado.

Video volunteers

Thanks to all the talkmeisters, directors and other video team members for keeping things running smoothly.

Louis-Philippe Véronneau, Jathan, Abraham Raji, Paul Waring, Phil Hands, sahilister, Judit Foglszinger, Sergio Moraes, Kyle Robbertze.

Graphical artwork

Gaming pictograms are designed by Maqsuel Maqson and released under the Art Libre licence.

It can be downloaded from our wiki page:

The background image we used was downloaded from the FreePik website, although it doesn’t appear to be available there anymore. It’s released under the FreePik license.

Loop content

The following videos were downloaded from Pixabay:

Pixabay license:

The following videos were downloaded from videezy:

Free Stock footage by Videezy:

License details:


Captive portal songs downloaded from (cc-by-4.0): - -

Kevin Macleod songs (Licence: cc-by-3.0):

Kevin Macleod songs (Licence: cc-by-4.0):