Loopy Loop


The video loop is a selection of videos that plays between talks, we affectionately call this the Loopy Loop. It’s fun and brings a more human touch to our online conference. There’s a bunch of ways that you can contribute to the Loopy Loop.

You can submit your content by uploading it to your favourite upload service and then emailing a link to it to: loopy@debconf.org


A shout-out is a short clip where you can broadcast a message to the DebConf audience.

Some tips:

Here are 2 shout-outs from DebConf20 to give you an idea:


A picture is worth a thousand words! If you don’t feel like making a video, you can also send a postcard instead. You can either include text on the picture, or you can include text with the submission that will be displayed next to the postcard. It could also be an animated postcard.

Promote your talk

Speaking at the event? Make a short clip along with some text and we can promote it during the loop. The loop starts two days before talks during DebCamp, so even if your talk is early on we can show it a bunch of times. Here’s an example below (time and dates here aren’t real as scheduled). The Blender clip below is especially fancy but it doesn’t need to be. It can be similar to a shoutout and if you want to include a screenshot or a quick clip of an app then that’s also great.

Memories from DebConf

During DebConf20 we played some memories from previous DebConfs. Some were just photo loops, and Andreas Tille made an elaborate series of DebConf memories which were great! Again, it doesn’t have to be very fancy, it’s the personal touch that matters!