Open Source Game Achievements

Speaker: Dennis Payne

Type: Short talk (20 minutes)

Room: Main

Time: Nov 21 (Sat): 20:30

Duration: 0:20

Players now expect to record their game achievement to show their friends. Usually this is implemented differently for each game store. This requires developers to code the solution multiple times and create multiple builds. They won’t support games acquired outside of the game store like those included in Debian. The game stores controls your data not you. Gamerzilla can help solve this problem.

Gamerzilla is an open source achievements for games. Development started after LibrePlanet 2020. It consists of multiple pieces. Games use the LibGamerzilla library to update the progress on achievements. Game launchers use the same library to keep track of achievements and to upload them. The Gamerzilla plugin for Hubzilla displays the achievements online but the protocol is simple enough it could be implemented in something else or a standalone service.

LibGamerzilla is already included in Fedora. Support is being added to several games.