Notcurses: Making terminals do things that were never intended

Speaker: nick black

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Main

Time: Nov 22 (Sun): 17:30

Duration: 0:40

Notcurses 2 has recently (2020-10) been released, providing for the first time a stable, guaranteed API for this blingful character graphics library. Notcurses, sometimes described as “NCURSES and FFmpeg had a baby”, is a TUI library with unique capabilities for multimedia, including streaming video support, the advanced Quadblitter, palette fades, and plane rotations. It is thus not unreasonable that developers might want to use it for terminal games (assuming that terminal games are a reasonable thing in the first place).

This short talk will cover the shortcomings of the X/Open Curses API and NCURSES (its most common instantiation), effective use of Notcurses and its advanced features, and a brief practicum involving the live coding of a terminal game.