Community Game Development in Rust: A Biopsy

Speaker: Forest Anderson

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Main

Time: Nov 22 (Sun): 18:30

Duration: 0:40

Veloren is an open-world, open-source multiplayer voxel RPG written completely in Rustlang. It has similar aesthetics to Minecraft, and is inspired by other games like Cube World and Dwarf Fortress. The project was started in the summer of 2018, and has since seen over 100 unique contributors. Veloren has first-class Linux support, and also targets Mac and Windows. A majority of the developers also work from Linux-based systems.

This talk will be geared towards open-source game developers, developers interested in Rust, and those interested in complex engine systems. It will focus on many lessons that have been learned from the Veloren project. Some main points include building a diverse community, why Rust works so well for the project, and interesting concepts from engine development. The talk will also highlight some interesting optimizations we’ve found, and how we diagnosed them.

Veloren has contributors from all around the world, and has gone through many organizational transitions to build a healthy community. Novel and cutting-edge research has been implemented in Veloren. Many people from different backgrounds have added their flair to Veloren, creating a unique visual experience. This talk will examine how it was all built.