Software engineer for the past 25 years, currently focused on distributed and real-time API development with Elixir, Phoenix, and PostgreSQL. Also, a full-stack engineer with React and React Native.

As a self-taught developer from childhood, I worked with dozens of different languages and frameworks (both back and frontend, as well Desktop technologies), where I also had the opportunity to work on the beginnings of the internet in Brazil. I also worked as a contract game developer from 2010 to 2014, using different engines, such as Cocos2D (Objective-C), Corona SDK (Lua) and Unity (C#).

On the side, I've been a Godot Engine enthusiast for the past 2 years, where I've been creating and experimenting with tool and software creation with the engine. But I also make small 3D game projects with Godot and Blender.

Accepted Talks:

Godot instead of React or Qt? Using the Godot Engine to develop Real-Time Business Applications, with Complex GUI

Could Godot be a viable replacement for React, React Native and even Qt, for application development? This is what Godello is all about.

Godello is a Trello inspired kanban board made with the Godot Engine and GDScript, powered by an online real-time collaborative backend (Elixir and Phoenix Channels).

In this talk, understand the motivations of using Godot for such a project and how it is a Godot Engine is a proof of concept for:

  • Business applications
  • Advanced GUI
  • Complex data architecture and data modeling
  • Real-time online data flow
  • Connected multi-user collaborative interfaces and interactions

In the end, the idea is to showcase Godot as a viable option for native Desktop applications and tools, no matter how simple or complex/advanced the application and the interface are.

Godello is open-source.