Phil Morrell

GitHub: emorrp1

I am maintaining "corsix-th" and "" to support gamers playing commercial games they own via as much free software as possible. I'm also interested in Freedombox, as I try to run more and more non-cloud services on my home network, particularly matrix-synapse as that has enabled me to connect more with Debian than the quiet Games Team mailing list.

More recently, in order to package mindustry (RFP #959466), I tracked a chain of dependencies down to kotlin, and thanks to DebConf20 BoF got involved with helping test the package can self-compile via #debian-android-tools. I like how games are not restricted to a single language so I could potentially end up touching all sorts of random sections of the archive, learning each packaging team on the way.

I am a stable+backports user, and maintain a local repo of major versions of networked games on amd64 backported to both Debian and Ubuntu LTS. That way I can have a compatible LAN party.

Accepted Talks:

Debian Games Team (BoF)

Interested in joining the Debian Games Team? Want to meet the Debian Games Team? What’s the current issues in the Debian Games Team that needs solving?

Join us in this session to find out!

Major game releases since buster

Highlighting lots of the great work that has happened in the last 18 months and now available in bullseye.

Opening session

Let’s get this party, er, conf started!

Closing session

Bye, everyone, see you next time!