My name is Matthias, I'm a French Developer,
I work on my spare time on Game/Game Engine, and sometime other stuff.

I mostly use Arch Linux, but also Centos and even Debian sometime.

Also sorry I don't have any website, nor tweeter, because I don't know what I would put on them,
and when I want to use my spare time on something productive I just code on my gaming stuff or other FOSS project.

Accepted Talks:

YIRL engine presentation

Short Presentation of my Game Engine YIRL: https://github.com/cosmo-ray/yirl. It’s a small modular 2D Game engine in C on which I work on my spare time. The Engine allow to create Game in C/Lua/Scheme/Javascript, which can target Linux and Windows. It also emulate partially ncurses and 8086 asm, and Javascript canvas API.