Castle Game Engine - overview and upcoming features

Speaker: Michalis Kamburelis

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Main

Time: Nov 22 (Sun): 13:30

Duration: 0:40

Castle Game Engine is a cross-platform open-source game engine using modern Object Pascal. It runs perfectly on Linux (and was mostly made on Linux), as well as other platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch). We use FPC and Lazarus (Pascal compiler and IDE, packaged in Debian as well). We proud ourselves on having support for many formats (including open standards glTF and X3D), visual editor and lots of graphic features.

During the talk I want to give a short overview how creating a simple game using Castle Game Engine looks like. We’ll start from scratch, use the engine to create a new project, use Blender to design some amazing 3D programmer-art :), and put it into a small demo game. I will showcase and talk about Castle Game Engine new (soon-to-be-released) version 7.0.